AJAX not working with lighttpd but working with webrick

I’m using a little bit of AJAX code in my rails project and it’s causing
quite a headache. I’m using webrick to for testing and development and
the AJAX code works. Rails generates the javascript code inside the view
and everything is fine. But when I test it under lighttpd which is what
I will be using for production it doesn’t work. When I view the source
of what is sent to the browser the javascript that should be generated
isn’t. I also tested copying and pasting the javascript rails creates
when I use webrick right into the rhtml file and for both lighttpd and
webrick it works (I did this to eliminate the possibility of lighttpd
filtering out javascript for some reason). I’m pretty much clueless as
to why this is happening. Anyone out there know what to even look for to
solve this?

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