Ajax functionality not working - partial problem?

I have a difficult using Ajax and wondered whether anyone has the
expertise to advise me how to proceed?

  1. We start at edit - this calls a partial form, which then calls a
    series of partials (which themselves call partials sometimes). If we
    take the case of features, the form goes:

edit - _form - _features - _feature

  1. Updates are made in the controller, then there is a re-direct to
    update.rjs (this works it gets there).

  2. We have:

page.replace_html(“features” , :partial => ‘features’ , :object =>

page[:features].visual_effect :highlight, :startcolor => “#88ff88”,
:endcolor => “#114411

I have tried many permutations of the above (and trying to use form),
but it will not work…

  1. Now I would like to return to edit, but show a visual effect on
    features to show that the update has occured

I fear that restructuring may be required, because may have to be in
edit. Any advice would be really appreaciated



Hi darren,

This is a shot in the dark, but maybe you could try rendering the rjs
template instead of redirecting to it? If you redirect, you’re going to
lose any instance variables that you’ve set.


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