AJAX form Parameters jumbled

Sorry for the repost but I originally posted this as a response to
another thread. I have a text field called ‘phrase’ but the
parameter values always come up as nil and when I check the
parameters dumped in the error message I do not get the normal hash
you’d expect. Instead of something like


I get:

{“jim”=>"", “_”=>""}

Here is the code for the form:

Just a wild guess…I haven’t used the observe_field method and don’t
know what it’s for but from the params you are getting it would seem the
:phrase is not known. Try replacing :phrase with “phrase”.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


On 11/9/05, Jim J. [email protected] wrote:

search: ----------------------------------- RAILS_ROOT: ./script/../config/..

Any advice?

  • Jim

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Andrew S.


I have had no luck. Changing that makes no difference. In fact if I
take the raw post I get ‘jim&=’ so no matter what value you type in
there is an '&
=’ appended to it. Any ideas as to whats going on here?

  • Jim

&_= is a workaround for a Safari bug, and gets added by Prototype
(some versions of Safari are truncating POST data on Ajax calls).


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