Ajax Drog and Drop Sorting Frequency

Hi Friends,

I am new to ROR.I have implemented sorting by Ajax drag and drop and
interaction with database.
Working fine but if i sort records rapidly, getting nil point exception.

I am pasting the sortable list code.

<%= sortable_element(‘sortable_charts’,
:update => ‘assigned_chart_files’,
:url => {:action => :update_positions , :quiz_id
=> @quiz.id },
:before => “Element.show(‘spinner’)”,
:success => “Element.hide(‘spinner’)”)%>

Also tryed with :frequecy => 3 or 4,or 2 but ssame error.

Nil point error is getting when i sort records rapidly.Normally it is
working fine.

Can u give any advice?

I hope i wil get solution…