Ajax and pagination


this is my process til now;

-a list of users (with show and edit link)
-click on edit link, a popup with the user info
-user edits values, clicks button, buttons disables , and loading
-after update a message is shown (succesfull or error) in a popup
-a refresh of the userlist

but what i u have a lot of users like 200+, u cant display them all
after the refresh i want the same partial (pagination) back, and
highlight the
edited user (highlight works).

i just need that pagination

does anyone know who i should work, i work with popups, so i need to now
pagination the user was taken from.

any ideas??

thx in advance



or can i get the page with that user on it,

cuz when i change the user info, the user was first on page X, and now
on page Y

and i want to display page Y, does anyone now how to do this.