Airprob compiling error

Hello All,

I’m facing problem while compiling airprobe/gsm-receiver

i will be thank-full for help
OS: ubuntu 10.4

root@ubuntu:/home/xx/6jan/airprobe/gsm-receiver# make install
cd . && /bin/sh /home/xx/6jan/airprobe/gsm-receiver/missing --run
automake-1.11 --gnu
/usr/share/automake-1.11/am/ am__fastdepCXX does not appear
/usr/share/automake-1.11/am/ The usual way to define
am__fastdepCXX' is to addAC_PROG_CXX’
/usr/share/automake-1.11/am/ to' and runaclocal’ and autoconf' again. src/lib/ C++ source seen butCXX’ is undefined
src/lib/ The usual way to define CXX' is to addAC_PROG_CXX’
src/lib/ to' and runautoconf’ again.
src/lib/ Python sources seen but PYTHON' is undefined src/lib/ The usual way to definePYTHON’ is to add
AM_PATH_PYTHON' src/lib/’ and run aclocal' andautoconf’ again.
src/lib/decoder/openbtsstuff/ C++ source seen but CXX' is undefined src/lib/decoder/openbtsstuff/ The usual way to defineCXX’ is to add AC_PROG_CXX' src/lib/decoder/openbtsstuff/’ and run
`autoconf’ again.
make: *** [] Error 1