I have managed to get the gr-noaa modules working quite nicely on
HRPT signals
from the NOAA satellites. I have also attempted to detect strong
signals from
METOP-B and METEOR-M2. In the case of METEOR-M2, the signal looked
much like the BPSK signal from the NOAA satellites, whereas with the
METOP, the
FFT looked qualitatively different.

Based on what I have found on the web, it does not seem like the 

“open source.” But I am wondering about the METEOR-M2. Does anyone
have (or know of) any experience decoding this AHRPT signal? My hope
that it can be done with a relatively small tweak of the existing
gr-noaa module(s).

Dan Marlow

P.S. I attach a false color HRPT image received from NOAA 19 yesterday
using usrp_rx_hrpt.py

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