'Agile Web Development' book

I just started to learn RoR because I need to create a relatively simple
but important application due next month.

The Shopping cart app in this book is going ok but I have a question.

Is the complexity of the shopping cart example in this book
representitive of a real world application?

Note that i am not saying if the application is production quality, I
mean the ‘complexity’ of the applications.

Well, it depends on the scope of the application. The shopping cart is
production quality, but does so little you’d hardly want to put it

I’d put it at the “very basic” level of complexity for RoR. The moment
start deviating from the built-in standards and function, and start
to write “real code” (rather than merely glueing components together)
get more complex.

But “complexity” is a relative term anyway, depending on what you want
to do
and at what scale. Some applications are big and time-consuming, but not
complex, and vice versa. So I’m not really sure if that helps you, or
you want to know. It’s certainly a simplistic and easy application.

For a real world perspective, go take a look at the Typo source code -
nicely laid out, nice balance of builtin versus new functionality, the
size you can get your head around - and you might even be aware of its


I think it’s fair to say that the simplicity of the shopping application
(Depot) is
representative of the simplicity of using Rails. It doesn’t contain the
hardest edge
cases. It’s a teaching app.

Warren S.

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