Aggregation tag and upgrading questions

I would like to start using the aggregation extention that was
mentioned on this list a while ago. I’m running Radiant 0.6 RC1 on and I would like to know how you guys think I should go
about uppdating the installation and adding the aggregation extension
without losing any data.

I want to use the aggregation extension to aggregate posts from my
different project blogs on the front page of my site, and to provide
a combined rss-feed.

I’m still new to Rails and Radiant, as well as to Unix systems in
general so I think I may need some hand-holding. (Not a lot, just a

Martin O.

The aggregation extension doesn’t modify any data/tables/etc. Use
Subversion to check it out or export it into
vendor/extensions/aggregation, then restart Radiant. You should then
have the tags available. Either way, I would recommend upgrading to RC2
or the ‘edge’ of mental. I’m not sure that RC1 has all of the features
needed by the aggregation extension, but let us know how it goes!