After_update and increment!

I’ve got a strange behaviour that didn’t seem to be happening before I
upgraded to 1.2.

I’ve got two models - questions and results.

When a user answers a question, his answer is recorded in results. In
my results model, I have an after_create that increments! a count in
the question model.

This increment is now triggering an after_update method I have in a
question_sweeper. (which causes an error) This sweeper is used to
sweep my question cache files.

I started noticing this problem when I went into production mode.
Development mode pre-1.2 was working fine. Production mode pre-1.2 was
not. I upgraded to 1.2 today because I thought an older edge rails
might have a bug in it. After I upgraded to 1.2, now the problem is
occurring in development mode as well.

Anyone have any suggestions?



I fixed it with a simple fix. I changed my sweeper to a
after_validation_on_update instead of after_update. The count/
increment field does not get validation of course so it doesn’t get