After Typo 6.0.4 upgrade - can't activate any sidebars

Hi folks,

Followed the upgrade instructions a while back but experienced a really
odd case not covered by the upgrade warnings. I have an empty sidebar
and I can’t add anything, including the standard built-in elements.

The site is

The error when I try to add a simple sidebar like “Categories” appears
to be this:

NoMethodError (undefined method inject' for nil:NilClass): app/controllers/admin/sidebar_controller.rb:26:in set_active’

The symptom in the admin interface is the “spinning” icon hanging
forever. Basically the blog engine is up but I can’t add anything to the

Any tips/tricks would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

I just realized I committed a change this weekend that might fix your
issue. The rest of the code is a bit in flux right now, so you may not
want to switch to git master for your production blog :-). However, you
might try applying the patch from this commit: