Aep_beast forum authorized? method problem?

I have some problem in using aep_beast forum plugin base on rails

Whenever I try to access forum/new page to create new forum, I meet the
containing message (You don’t have access here.).

What I figure out so far through a lot of tests is the problem lying in
the authenticated_system.rb

When I try to access normal page which is also subject to ‘before_filter
:login_require’, I didn’t meet any problem page.

But when I try to access the page to create new beast forum, rails seems
regard the access as unauthorized access.

By debugging the page, I can find the difference between normal page and
beast forum creating page.

the authorized? function always return false in the beast forum creation

but logged_in? function always return true regardless of the page.

I think, in the beast forum creation page, authorized? function was not
actually called.

When I put some debug line in the authorized? function, I can’t see the
debug output on the console screen.

Hopefully, I can meet the person who have had the same agony that I have

Thanks always your sincere effort to make rails better.