Advice on building a Rails App


I’m hoping to get some advice on building a certain section of my
prototype I am trying to build. What would recommendations would anybody
have if I wanted to create a questionnaire that would create a set of
folders based off of the answers in the questionnaire they filled out…
be displayed in a tree view.


  1. Name of company?
  2. Name of division?
  3. Name of project?

Treeview Example

Babco LLC.
– Marketing
----- Branding campaign

Do you need this to be an actual tree of folders on the server, or a set
of virtual folders shown to the user as if it was real? What purpose do
they serve in the real world?


the tree view would be more for navigation purposes to a set of working
files underneath the project directory.

Example under project folder we would have a project summary page where
a user can enter information related to the project.

an example of what this would look like would be on the main page the
left side would consist of the tree navigation and on the right side of
the page would display the page where one can enter or edit info

So these could be attributes on your Project model, and gathered as
such. They’re not necessarily “folders” but metadata about a project,
right? You’re not necessarily creating a folder on your server where you
will be gathering actual files, right?


Exactly… not a real folders