Advice needed on testing strategy


I’m working on a library that wraps REXML processing of a specific XML
format (CCR - Continuity of Care Record). The objective is to process
the XML so that the developer doesn’t have to. So, for example, I can

ccr =‘demo.xml’) #open file / read the XML into
a set of objects
ccr.actors.each do |this_actor|
@first_name =
@last_name =

From a testing perspective, my objective is to make sure that all the
content in the XML file actually ends up in the appropriate objects /
attributes. Right now I’m loading specific XML files per testcase /
test and hardcoding the expected values in my unit tests based on
knowing what’s in the XML file being loaded. This seems wrong. If
anybody’s got a better idea, I’d sure appreciate hearing it.


Make your wrapping capable of operating from a string.
Then your test XML and results are all in the same place