Advanced authenticated system


I’m looking for an authenticated system with namespaces and subdomains
I want to make:,, etc
Every admin can have different roles, f.i. admin_a can list users,
admin_b can list, add and update, admin_c can list, add/update and
delete users.

I have studied Typo and Mephisto, but both of them doesn’t use
subdomains and namespaces. They have so complex routing files…
Actually I have lost in them.

Could you suggest a ready-to-use solution for this task?

I have tried 2 plugins: subdomain-fu + Restful authentication,
currently without any success.
If you have a working example for this issue - it will be highly

Did you see: #123 Subdomains - RailsCasts ?

Cheers, Sazima

restful authentication (check out the bells and whistles version
role requirement (part of the above)
and then you make some before_filters to enforce which users have
access to which subdomains ?

i don’t know if my blog post about subdomain can help you:

I don’t think you’ll find it out of the box, but with some minor
hacking it should be possible to get what you want …