[ADV] Updated PDF of AWDwR (plus a special offer)


The final version of Agile Web D. with Rails went to the
printer last Friday. This means that the paper book will start
shipping sometime around December 15.

You might want to grab the latest version of the PDF version of the
book, P1.00. This is the version that will appear in print.

If you originally bought just the PDF, but would now like to own the
paper book as well, we have a special offer. When you follow the link
below to update your PDF, you’ll find instructions at the end of the
process for getting a large discount on the paper book–you’ll be
getting it at the same price as you’d have paid had you bought a
combo pack initially. (Because we’re getting close to Christmas, I’d
recommend choosing priority shipping to maximize your chances of
getting the book before the holidays.)

This book has been a long time in the making. I’d like to thank you
all for your support, encouragement, and great suggestions.


Dave T.


Do you know how long does it takes to regenerate the PDF?
I did it more then hour ago but still didn’t get the email with link.
My previous versions did came to me in 15-20 minutes.

All the Best!

I just requested my regenerate and the page said that backlog is
currently about one day.

BTW, congratulations and thanks to Dave for a great book.

On Nov 28, 10:02 am, Sergey K. [email protected] wrote:


Do you know how long does it takes to regenerate the PDF?

I got it. It took little bit more than hour.