[ADV] Updated PDF of Advanced Rails Recipes

Hi Folks,

We’ve just uploaded a new revision of the Advanced Rails Recipes PDF:


To get your updated PDF, simply sign in to your account (http://
Manage) and ask the system to regenerate it.

The contributors and I have burned the midnight oil since the first
beta to pack as many new recipes as possible in for your New Year
reading pleasure. This revision adds 25 timely recipes from some of
the top developers in the community, for a total of 67 practical ways
to make tasty Rails dishes on your first try! (I’ve listed the new
recipes and contributors below.)

We’ll continue to refine these recipes and add new ones for the next
beta revision. Thanks to all the contributors for their great work!



New recipes include:

  • Analyzing SQL Queries
  • Caching Up With the Big Guys
  • Creating a Wizard
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships Through Proxies
  • Decouple Your JavaScript with Low Pro
  • Dynamically Updating Cached Pages
  • Freshening Up Your Models With Scope
  • Generating Custom Error Pages
  • Geocoding to Find Things By Location
  • Giving Users Their Own Subdomain
  • Handling Multiple Models In One Form
  • Keeping E-mail Addresses Up To Date
  • Keeping Forms Dry and Flexible
  • Monitoring (and Repairing) Processes with Monit
  • Off-Loading Long-Running Tasks to BackgrounDRb
  • Preserving Files Between Deployments
  • Processing an Asynchronous Workflow
  • Receiving E-mail Reliably via POP or IMAP
  • Responding To Remote Capistrano Prompts
  • Taking Advantage of Master/Slave Databases
  • Testing HTML Validity
  • Tracking Test Coverage with RCov
  • Updating Partial Resources with AJAX
  • Uploading Images and Creating Thumbnails
  • Validating Required Form Fields Inline

Current recipe contributors include: Aaron Batalion, Adam K., Andre
Lewis, Andrew Kappen, Benjamin C., Chris Bernard, Chris Haupt,
Chris W., Dan Benjamin, Dan M., David C., Erik
Hatcher, Ezra Z., Geoffrey Grosenbach, Giles B., Greg
Hansen, Gregg P., Hemant K., Hugh Bien, Jamie Orchard-Hays,
Jared H., Jarkko L., Jay Fields, Jonathan Dahl, Kevin C.,
Luke F., Marty H., Matthew Bass, Michael S., Mike
Hagedorn, Mike Mangino, Mike Naberezny, Mike Subelsky, PJ Hyett,
Patrick Reagan, Peter M., Pierre-Alexandre M., Ryan B.,
and Sean M…