ADV: Share the (Ruby) love (take 2)

Looks like the last one got clobbered, so here goes again:

Looking for that last minute Christmas present for someone special?
Someone who doesn’t program, but who wants to know just what it is
that you do?

Then perhaps that special someone should get Chris P.'s ?Learn to
Program? for Christmas. It’s funny, it’s concise, and it actually
teaches folks how to program in Ruby!

The paper books ship mid January (and they’re our first two-color
book), but the PDF is available now. You can buy a combo pack, get
the PDF today, and the book when it ships.

For details and sample chapters, see
titles/fr_ltp . And, if you do end up ordering for someone else,
remember to put their name in the Shipping information so it’ll
appear in the PDF.

Have a great holiday.