[ADV] Ruby on Rails Workshop for Microsoft Developers

Calling all Microsoft developers who are starting to use Rails…

We’re a couple of MCSDs who have switched over to Ruby on Rails for web
development, and are offering a one-day workshop on Rails that is
specifically catered to Microsoft developers (.NET, classic ASP, or VB)
who want to learn more about Rails and how to get started.

We’ll talk about Ruby from a .NET perspective, learn the
similarities/differences between ASP/ASP.NET and Rails, and then get
you cooking with Rails. Bring your Windows laptop (if you can) since
we’ll be building Rails apps as we go along.

It will be in Chicago (right near O’Hare airpost) on January 13, 2007
(brrrr!). We’ve rented a space that can only handle about 20 people,
so if you’re interested please sign up soon. Cost is $249 for the full
day, including meals.

Complete details and registration: http://workshop.softiesonrails.com/

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