[ADV] Registration for the Ruby Hoedown is now open!

We opened up registration for The Ruby Hoedown 2007 yesterday (to give
our announce list subscribers first dibs ;)), so fire up your web
browser and hit http://www.rubyhoedown.com/. There you can check out
the amazing talk line-up, learn a little bit of info about a pre-
conference charity workshop, sign up your S.O. for the accompanying
event for significant others, and click that big 'ole “Register”

Here is our program:

Keynotes - Bruce Tate and Marcel Molina, Jr.

Ken Auer - Does Ruby Have a Chasm to Cross?

Ezra Z. - Exploring Merb

Andrea O.K. Wright - High Art on Top of Low-Level APIs: Building Games
with Ruby

Jay Phillips - Next-Gen VoIP Development with Ruby and Adhearsion

Jared R. - Using C to Tune Your Ruby (or Rails) Application

With tickets going for only $100, and an attendance cap of 150, the
Hoedown’s going to sell out fast, so hop on over and grab your spot

See you in August!
The Ruby Hoedown Organizers