[ADV] New version of the TextMate book is available


I’ve uploaded the B1.02 version of Jame Edward G. II’s TextMate

The first beta release covered all you need to know to build and
make use of TextMate’s automations. This second beta goes back
to the basics of TextMate usage.

Three new chapters are added covering Projects, Power Editing, and
Regular Expressions. There’s a ton of information packed into
those simple titles, including everything you need to know about
moving through files like a pro, the full suite of TextMate’s search
tools, and some clever uses of the mate command-line tool. As usual,
there’s plenty of coverage of undocumented and lesser known features.

Update your beta copies and dive even deeper into the manual
of TextMate voodoo.

As usual, the update is available for free from


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