[ADV] New version of Flexible Rails book available (Alpha ve

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded the fifth Alpha version of Flexible Rails. See
http://www.flexiblerails.com for details.

This is an in-progress, PDF-only book about using Rails 1.1 and Adobe
Flex 2 to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

The two main highlights of this version are:

  1. I have added a new iteration (Iteration 19: Validation), which
    explains how to integrate Rails Validation with Flex Validation.

  2. I have reformatted almost all the code samples in the book, based
    on feedback from readers of earlier versions.

Since posting the initial announcement to this list two months ago,
the book has grown from 214 pages (169 pages + Preface and Appendices)
to 309 pages (264 pages + Preface and Appendices). My current
estimate is that the book is about half done.

Readers of earlier versions can, of course, download their free
updates via the usual method.

Peter A.