[ADV] Free Rails Workshop in Vancouver this Wednesday

57 People so far have RSVP’d for this free event. This free workshop
going to be a whirlwind tour of what Ruby on Rails is, and how it can be
leveraged for your next project.


â?¢ Introduction to Ruby on Rails
â?¢ Ruby vs. Rails
â?¢ What is a Ruby Gem?
â?¢ Upgrading Rails with RubyGems
â?¢ Generating your application shell
â?¢ Going over the Rails MVC directory structure
â?¢ Creating your first Controller and View
â?¢ How do the Routes simplify mod_rewrite?
â?¢ Starting Rails with Webrick
â?¢ Configuring your Database
â?¢ Creating your first ActiveRecord Model
â?¢ Using Migrations for Database Interoperability
â?¢ Custimizing your Model & using the Rails Console
â?¢ Rake, the Ruby Make
â?¢ Testing your Custom Model
â?¢ Building a relationship with has_many
â?¢ Create a Model Relationship with belongs_to
â?¢ Getting deeper in Tests
â?¢ Using the Scaffolds
â?¢ ActionView and the Form Helpers within
â?¢ CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) records
â?¢ Lists and Pagination
â?¢ Installing and creating a plugin
â?¢ What is an Engine and when to use them
â?¢ AJAX on Rails
â?¢ What is RJS?
â?¢ Shiny Script.aculo.us effects

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Hope to see you there!

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Nathaniel B.
President & CEO
Inimit Innovations Inc. - http://inimit.com