Adobe India looking for RoR Developers

Cloud Ops has an exciting and challenging mission: Build, deploy,
operate, scale, maintain and secure a company-wide platform (PaaS) for
Adobe Saas solutions. While Engineering focuses on building the
platform, Cloud Ops provides operational support for both the platform
as well as the product teams that leverage the platform.

Just bring your coding skills,your passion for securing cloud-based
services, and your passion for diving into new and diverse technologies.

You should have a solid background in both Linux and Windows. Along with
a solid track record of technical development. Experience supporting a
production environment is desired, as you will be a key member of the
team responsible for deliveringthe world-class online

Skills: RoR, AWS, RestAPI

Exp: 3+ years
Location: Noida, India

PFA for the detailed JD. Send CV to [email protected]

I would like to summarise my experience. At Sephora Digital the company
where I am presently working, I handle the backend as well as front end
of our web application. I have worked on important features like
introducing premium shipping model and helped revamp the web app after
we got acquired by Sephora. This was also when we launched Sephora
ecommerce for Australia and later on for New Zealand. Our team consists
of 10 developers working from Singapore, India and Ukraine and handling
the web application for 8 different countries.
Before Sephora I worked as a DevOps engineer at Plivo which was a
YCombinator backed startup. I mostly wrote applications for our support
team and also worked on prototyping apps for our customers in various
programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. I also
have experience in configuring servers.
At learning outcomes I was the sole developer and prototyped our first
iteration of web application. The application tracked student’s
performance in various tests.