Admin page problem - something wrong with paths

There’s something wrong with my radiant path, because my admin pages
can’t seem to load the stylesheet or those .js files. My radiant app is
located in ~/workspace/ruby/rubiini and I have symlink (named rubiini)
to ~/workspace/ruby/rubiini/public in /var/www . In my apache
virtualhost config I have “RailsBaseURI /rubiini” and “DocumentRoot
/var/www”. What am I missing here?

Thanks. Though its url_root not uri_root (found out after a few tries

First, Add this to your config/environment.rb or

ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_uri_root = “/rubinii”

If that doesn’t work, post your Apache config file and we’ll see what we
can do to fix it.


Actually the problem seems to be with .htaccess. I renamed .htaccess at
my radiant projects public folder to .htaccess.bak and that does the
same trick.