Admin page 500 error

Dear all,

In the past I’ve been successfully using radiant with mod-fcgid, but now
I decided to try radiant with mongrel_cluster behing apache2

I setup a mongrel cluster following the instruction I found
My goal is to be able to deploy radiant web sites using apache
VirtualHost directive, and to access the corresponding /admin panel of
each web sites.

I’m able to setup different virtualhost as radiant “istances”, I see the
classical "Your Blog Name

a really amusing tag-line here" page, but when I try to access the
/admin panel I receive an error message.

Status: 500 Internal Server Error
Content-Type: text/html

Application error (Apache)
this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in
Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html

I though this was related to some incorrect permission in the related
public dir, but group access seems ok (mongrel user 755 mode)
-rwxr-xr-x 1 mongrel mongrel 318 2007-06-11 21:54 500.html

According to error.log the connection is correctly balanced
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] mod_proxy.c(756): Running scheme
balancer handler (attempt 0)
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] mod_proxy_ajp.c(493): proxy: AJP:
declining URL
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] mod_proxy_http.c(1662): proxy: HTTP:
serving URL
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] proxy_util.c(1798): proxy: HTTP: has
acquired connection for (
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] proxy_util.c(1858): proxy: connecting to
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] proxy_util.c(1951): proxy: connected
/admin to
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] proxy_util.c(2045): proxy: HTTP: fam
2 socket created to connect to
[Tue Jun 12 00:12:39 2007] [debug] proxy_util.c(2141): proxy: HTTP:
connection complete to (

Any ideas ?

Marco Rossi

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