Admin namespace not working with duplicated action


I have decided to setup my Rails app with a public and admin side.

To manage a list of users, I have a public
app/controllers/users_controller.rb where users can list there friends.

And an admin side: app/controllers/admin/users_controller.rb where all
registered users are listed and on which I can do some account

In the routes files I have:

map.resources :users

map.namespace :admin do |admin|
admin.resources :users

But when I click a link such as which
should send me to the admin users index action, instead I go to the
public users/index action.

I have already setup this admin scheme for products, but in my admin
controller I don’t have the index action, so it doesn’t interfere with
the public one.

What else should I define?

Please disregard my email, I simply had app/controllers/users.rb, I
didn’t name the file correctly…