Admin Interface Hooks

Been reading and keeping up with the mailing list for a few months.
Haven’t had much time to play with or contribute to radiant, but now
that i have some time i hope to change that.

Sorry if this is something that I have skimmed over in the past couple
of months, but is there any ‘hooks’ for building onto the admin
interface?? Ie is there a way to build a little admin interface to
upload pictures to Oliver B.'s gallery? (BTW: works like a charm.
had it up and running in 5 minutes.) Or to add a little interface for a
menu builder? It would be great to user radius tags to add plugins into
the admin interface it self. Just wondering if this is in the cards, or
already on its way? If not where do we start?

Also from those not on vacation, how are comments coming along? need a

Keep up the good work John and the rest of the gang.

Nicholas Mulder

Mulder Consulting
905 658 5641
[email protected] mailto:[email protected]