Admin config editor

Hi all,

I found some posts but not found any extension about an interface in
admin to manage the config.

Then I tried to make one. As I’m new about Radiant, it should be a
useful exercise :slight_smile:

I have started something at

I got 1 (2) problem(s). The Config class is created under the Radiant
module, and when I try to access usual ActiveRecord methods (as the
find) I got an error from the ‘Config Module’. I have got same problem
when I want to use the model abstract controller (can’t find find
method for Config Module)

To bypass these issues I extended Radiant::Config for the find
method and did the minimum in controller. For now, the editor only
reads and updates values (in place editor).

Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong ? what is the solution to make
it cleaner ? Is there any restriction in accessing directly to the
Config table ?

Anyway, the extension system is great and it’s very easy to add an
admin interface, thanks !

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