Address Bar after XMLHTTP request

Hello all,

I was trawling the web for an answer to this one - is there an
accepted/preferred methodology for updating the browser address bar
after an AJAX page transition?

For example, I have a list of folders, which when clicked use an
XMLHTTP request to display the contents via an update to a

After this is done, I would like to show a RESTful url in the address
bar for people to be able to share access the same view via a normal

Any thoughts/ideas would be much appreciated!


For security reasons (phishing), you can’t change the location bar from
javascript without loading the new location. You’ll have to display that
permalink in a prominent place in the page. For example, breadcrumbs at
top-left that spell out the URL.

You can change the location bar from javascript without reloading as
long as you only change anchors. It would however require some
javascript on page load to take the users to that folder.

Tiago M.