Adding to an Array

I’ve been looking at the array stuff in the Noobkit, but I can’t seem
to find how to insert another entry in the array… Pretty much, I’m
going to be iterating through stuff and catching some things and adding
them to an array. I want to always add to the end of the array… In
stuff I’ve seen, you must define an index.

Any suggestions?


  • Jeff

@a =
@a.push “item1”
@a << “item2”
@a.join(",") => “item1”, “item2”

that’s not correct. This is what it does:

a =
=> []

a.push “item1”
=> [“item1”]

a << “item2”
=> [“item1”, “item2”]

=> “item1,item2”

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On 15/04/2008, at 12:02 PM, Nathan E. wrote:

@a =
@a.push “item1”
@a << “item2”
@a.join(",") => “item1”, “item2”

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Right, my bad.

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