Adding (single) images


I’m wondering what would be the preferred method to let users add
(single) images to a Radiant website. In this case, users do not have
access to the webserver, and besides it would be easier for them to be
able to do it in the same interface.

I suppose it would be possible to use the Gallery extension, even when
we’re just displaying lone images in this case. Any other suggestions?

There are two things you can use, for your purposes it sounds like
Sean C. page attachments would work nicely. http://
When I need something lightweight I have been using this, though with
a few modifications.

I wrote another assets manager, but it is pretty complicated to get
going and I haven’t had a chance to update it. I do have it running
on two production sites. You can
blog. It has a lot of dependancies, so download the zip file.

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