Adding semantic ui to rails4

hello all. i’m new to rails and trying to create a contact manager app.
i’ve just learned js,css,html,jquery and also semantic ui to make my
so know i want to add semantic ui to my app. i install the semantic and
compile it and then copy the css in related asset folder but it doesnot
work properly.
is there any document or instruction or tutorials to add semantic ui in
rails app. i dont want to use ready gems. thanks

I haven’t used semantic-ui with Rails, yet, but there is a
semantic-ui-rails gem that might be helpful:

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 9:51 PM, mohammad javad karbasian <

I believe that semantic-ui-rails is no longer being maintained. I went
straight to github to check and the same source repo states it.

Use this one:

It seems to be updated recently.

I’m also curious if you’ve checked out the other CSS frameworks?
Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation are very popular and have a lot of
features as well as a strong community behind them. I personally use
foundation. I swapped from bootstrap when Foundation went to 5.