Adding routes via plugins


I’m attempting to add a route via a plugin. I attempted to add the
following to my init.rb:

myroute = ActionController::Routing::Routes.connect “boo2”,
:controller=>‘plugin’, :action=>‘index’
puts “path=#{myroute.path}”
myroute.options.keys.each do |k|
puts “#{k}=#{myroute.options[k]}”

The newly created route is coming back to me in my “myroute” varaible.
And I validate that the path and options are set. However the route
does not work.

Is there anything special I need to do to “activate” the route?

Thanks in advance. scott.

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On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, at 2:37 PM, Scott W. wrote:


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My understanding is that the routes get set up after the plugins get
loaded, so setting them in a plugin just gets over ridden by the

There may be a hack around this, but I think for the most part the best
solution is to add it manually ATM.