Adding link to Calendar Helper

Im wondering if there is a way to add a link with the html or
tag in the calendar helper plugin:
I am able to add links using the link_to helper, but I would like to
be able to add a link using one of the html tags so that I can add a
css class to it.

I am trying to add a popup link to each day of the calendar using the
DOM popup kit which constructs the popups using the following format:


Does anyone know where I can put this code into the calendar helper?
It seems that the cell_text container rejects this code, so I am
thinking I am going to have to add it directly into the
calendar_helper.rb file itself. Thanks for any help, Im pretty much
stuck right now.

This is really random, but I figured out the problem. Rails chokes on
double quotes, so you have precede them with a slash:
(this code is specific to integrating the DOM popup kit with the
calendar helper plugin)

cell_text << "<a id=“test_popup_link_#{@day}” class="popup_link
“>Click here for popup”