Adding Heckle Support

Hi Everyone,

I read in an earlier thread [1] that there are no plans at this time
to add official support for Heckle in RSpec 2. I was thinking that
perhaps there might be room for an unofficial extension to add
support, and I’d be really interested in writing one.

I still find Heckle extremely helpful for verifying my specs, even
though it’s 1.8 only. At the moment the lack of support is the only
thing from holding back my o/s projects from upgrading to RSpec 2.

Before I begin I just wanted to ask if anyone has started work on
this? Also are there any technical problems that would prevent this
from working?

Also, I’m not as familiar with RSpec 2’s codebase as I am with RSpec

  1. I’m not sure if I should write a runner like the original heckle
    runner, or start off with a formatter. I don’t yet know precisely
    where to begin – basically I’m just looking for pointers on where I
    should start or any general advice.


Dan K.