Adding get var to generation of a named route

I have an ActiveResource named Discussion. In my views, I often call
discussion_path(@discussion) and I’d like to add on the post count
(discussion.posts.count) as a get var. I’m want my urls to be like: so that folks who’ve
read a forum see blue links for discussions that have had posts added
to them.

I’ve tried adding options to the discussion_path call in my views
which just blows up with various unhelpful messages (either that
“discussion url failed to generate” or a call to nil.to_sym). I’ve
tried writing my own discussion_path helper with similar results. Any

I’m having this exact same problem.

I have a route of:

map.content ‘sites/:site_short_name/*file’,
:controller => ‘sites’,
:action => ‘content’,
:requirements => { :site_short_name => /some_regex/ }

And I try to call

content_url :file => “search”

and it also “blows up” and says:

ActionView::TemplateError: content_url failed to generate from
{:action=>“content”, :file=>“search”, :controller=>“sites”}, expected:
{:action=>“content”, :controller=>“sites”}, diff: {:file=>“search”}

I’ve looked into the rails source and this seems to be coming from:

actionpack/lib/action_controller/routing.rb line 1280 ( I have Rails
SVN revision REVISION_{2007-02-19}, so it’s 1.2-ish ).

The exception seems to be raised from line 1242 in the same file
path = named_route.generate(options, merged, expire_on)
is returning nil…

I’m planning on reading Jamis’ article: Under the hood: route
generation in Rails [
], but I haven’t had a chance yet. I’m hoping there might be some help
in there.

Nate M.