Adding functionality to a GRC-generated flowgraph

Josh, etc al:

What is the best way to “tack on” functionality to a GRC-generated
flowgraph–that is, things that are outside of
the Gnu Radio “environment” but still important to your application.

I’d like to add things like a timeout function that “does things” from
time to time, as well as other important tasks, initializations,

Marcus L.
Principal Investigator, Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium

Not entirely sure what you talking about, but you can add a custom block
wrapper for basically anything. It doesnt have to be a real gr block.
Make a custom block wrapper without any inputs or outputs, and put your
special code in the blah that instantiates your object.

A good example is the xmlrpc server:
Its not a signal processing block, but it will start an xmlrpc server
and a thread inside your flow graph.

If your code is more complicated than that, you can encapsulate anything
into a python module, install it into the python path, and instantiate
it using the block wrapper .