Adding functionality and multiple sites

I’m planning on starting a component-type (borrowing the term from
Joomla, with which I’m more familiar with) project and wondering if it
could be done inside Radiant as some sort of custom page as opposed to
making it from scratch based on the ruby and rails books. I’m quite
new to both Rails and Radiant but since there’s no tight deadline, I’m
figuring it would be okay to learn as I go along.

First: the component would be a sort of inventory & product
description set of pages in which each product and each view (e.g.
list products) would have their own page. Basically a tree-like
hierarchy although in some cases externally (to the visitor) there
would be several parents to a single page, I’m sure this could be made
with sidebar linking or some such solution, therefore I’m inclined to
ask if it can be done? (in essence having specialized pages that
include information from a database, just like php-includes in
otherwise static pages). The page caching is no problem in this case
as the information will change so rarely as that the 5min cache will
have no detrimental effect.

Secondly I read through most of the Radiantcms site and several
extensions piqued my interest, I have to ask (I expect they can’t, but
still no harm in asking if someone has tried):

  • Are the multi-site hacks and multi-language hacks compatible with
    Radiant 0.63?
  • Has anyone used multi-site and multi-language hacks combined so that
    under one radiant installation there are several sites some of which
    have multiple languages? If so, any problems or issues I should be
    aware of?
  • If the above can be done, can different users have different access
    level to different parts of the administration hierarchy? I mean, if a
    radiant installation has three sites, and user 1 would be allowed to
    post/modify articles in one of them, but not all three?

Any insights appreciated, sorry for the long post - I tried to cram
all the questions bugging me into one mail.

Kindest regards,

Niko Kotiniemi