Adding data in two tables simul;taneously with Validations

Hi All,

I have 2 tables
1] user_infos &
2] users

class UserInfo
has_one :user
validates_presence_of :city

class User
belongs_to :user_info
validates_presence_of :first_name

i write following code in my create method.

@user_info =[:user_info])
@[email protected]_info.build_user(:first_name=>’’)




now what i want is to create a object that save data in two table at a
time and if my first name and city is blank it should throw an error
user info is not saved because of two errors
1]City can’t be blank.
2]Firts name can’t be blank.


Salil G.

There is an easier and better way to do the same. Just use Rails
nested model forms:

Hope this helps,

Vitaly Kushner
Founder, Astrails Ltd.
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