Adding cookies to my http client

The following is a modified version of the http client found in the
o’reilly ruby cookbook.

Does any one know how I can add custom cookies to this?

class HTTP
# Makes an HTTP reuqest and returns the HTTPRespnse object.
# Args: :proxy_host, :proxy_port, :action (:get, :post, etc.),
# :data (for :post action), :max_redirects.

def HTTP.fetch(uri, args={}.freeze, &before_fetching)
  # Process the arguments with default values
  uri = URI.parse(URI.encode(uri)) unless uri.is_a? URI
  proxy_host = args[:proxy_host]
  proxy_port = args[:proxy_port] || 80
  action = args[:action] || :get
  data = args[:data]
  max_redirects = args[:max_redirects] || 10
  cookies = args[:cookies] || ''

  # Set http headers
  headers = {'Cookie' => cookies}

  # Use proxy class to create the request object
  proxy_class = Proxy(proxy_host, proxy_port)
  request =, uri.port)

  # Organise the query
  if action == 'get'
    query = uri.path.to_s + "?" + uri.query.to_s
    query = uri.path.to_s + '/'

     response = request.send(action, query, data)

  return response


Thank you in advance!

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