Adding comments to Radiant with Lun

Instead of using the comment tag extension, you may try our Lun
commenting service. It’s free and you can check our blogs to see the
results at

Here’s the template snippets we used:

  1. Comment counters:
    For each link where permalink is the full url of a page

    <div class="lcmtcnt"


  1. Latest comments:
    We use this on the sidebar, n specifies the no of comments to be

  2. Top Posts:
    Again,this is placed on the sidebar.

    div id=“lcmttop” class=“lcmttop” n=“5” permalink="">

    We place this one on the bottom of every page that we want to have
    size defines the pagination size and closed = “true” will not allow
    any new comments.

    <div id="lcmts" class="lcmts" size="" closed="false"


At the footer, we place this

Hope this is useful to you.



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