Adding an existing project to Aptana RadRails

I’ve just installed Aptana RadRails and now want to import an existing
project that was originally created in the Ruby console using the
“ruby script/generate controller say” command.

I now want to import this into Aptana so I don’t have to use Notepad
to edit the .rb and .rhtml files.

Does anyone know how to do this or know of a decent user guide I can

Thank You.

just starting out, eh? :wink: glad to have you aboard.

From Aptana you can just create a ‘new’ project, uncheck the “Use
Default Location” box, point it at the folder containing your Rails
project files and tell it not to generate the rails application
skeleton. This makes it just configure the project to point at the
directory you specify.

I’d probably tell it not to create a webrick/mongrel server either,
and just start that as per usual via the command line /script/server,
you get better view of the logs from there.


BTW RadRails is good but it’s quite ‘heavy’ and IDE-like. I enjoy
using e-text editor for most Rails stuff - it’s a lot lighter for day
to day use, but RadRails is great as an all round solution.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your response. I’ll try that this evening.

I’m following the Agile Web D. with Rails book and RadRails
was mentioned.

I’ll certainly take a look at the e-text editor as an alternative.