Adding an asset sytem to Radiant


I was wondering about an assets management system for Radiant. I really
how they have implemented it in Mephisto: having the basket was an
idea. I had a look at porting that from Mephisto to Radiant, but I’m too
much of a n00b. Maybe with the advent of the plugin system it might be
easier to implement somthing like this, but I think it would be better
if it
was built into Radiant core. I had a look at the Roadmap, but it doesn’t
mention much about new features apart from the upcoming 0.6 release.

I would love to use Radiant for an upcoming client site but this is the
feature that I really need. I’ve already had a look at the gallery
behaviour, which is sort of what would be good except for that the user
to upload all the files to the server.

Is anybody currently working on this/thinking the same thing/know how to

Chris Lloyd

Hi Chris,

I’ve ported the Mephisto asset management system over to my Radiant
project. It’s not too difficult but it is a bit messy - I had already
ported the mephisto tagging system as well though so there may be more
involved when using a pure Radiant base. I would have produced a patch
but I’m working with a highly modified version of Radiant with a
different user system, tagging built in and a redesigned admin
interface so it woudn’t have been much use to anyone else.

However… adding this kind of functionality should be a lot easier
once the new plugin system has been fleshed out. I’ll definately be
looking at creating an assets plugin as soon as the core development
is in a reasonably usable state.

There was mention of porting the asset manager across on the list
previously but I havn’t heard anything else regarding this. I would
suggest finding a usable workaround for now and waiting for the new
plugin system so that you can keep a maintainable solution that you
don’t have to keep manually updating everytime a new version is

Kevin A.

2006/9/24, Kevin A. [email protected]:
Great news, I will eagerly wait for that plugin :slight_smile: (even though asset
management should be in core IMHO)

However… adding this kind of functionality should be a lot easier


The plugin sounds great. I already have a pretty hacked up admin
myself, I’m not looking forward to upgrading… But hopefully everything
that I’ve done so far can be made into plugins. I’d be really interested
see what you have done, but I’ll just guess I’ll have to wait :D. Do you
know when 0.6 is scheduled to be released?


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