Adding a title to an AJAX link

Hello all.

I am trying to add a title to a link_to_remote created AJAX link.

What I want to create is:

Area Name

However I cannot seem to get it to work, the API says that
link_to_remote is

link_to_remote(name, options = {}, html_options = {})

If I try:

<%= link_to_remote, :update => ‘content’, :title =>,
:url => { :controller => ‘area’, :action => ‘show’, :client_id =>
area.client_id, :id => } -%>

Then the title isn’t created. if I try anything else (Putting the :title
and :url inside a pair of curly brackets for example):

<%= link_to_remote, :update => ‘content’, { :title =>, :url => { :controller => ‘area’, :action => ‘show’,
:client_id => area.client_id, :id => } } -%>

Then I get syntax errors. Could anyone give me the syntax required to
get the above html?



link_to_remote(, { :update => “content”, :url => { … } }, {
:title => } )

name: first argument (this becomes the text between the anchor tags)
options: second argument, a hash of the method options
html_options: third argument, a hash of html attributes

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