Adding a TIME variable?

I am porting some apache rewrite rules that use the TIME variable (just
unix epoch, seconds since 1/1/1970). What would be my best option for

I could

  • modify the code to provide a $time variable
  • use fgci
  • use the embedded perl option
  • proxy to an apache server

any other options? How much work would be involved with the first
option? I am an accomplished C programmer and could provide patches
back to the project…

  • Mike H.

u can use a function “ngx_time()” it return a time_t int about seconds
since 1/1/1970

And an idea, maybe you can add a time based access control in nginx
than IP.
for example , some admin pages can only access at work time.

2008/7/25 pf shineyear [email protected]:

How does that help with a rewrite rule?

I am leaning towards doing this on the back end, we still have apache
back there…