Adding a counter after the fact

I want to add a _count to a couple of my models but this is not a new
relationship so the numbers will not start at zero. I have tried just
adding an update_attribute to my migration with the current count but
some reason the DB will not take the new number.
Does the _count field have a protection on it so people can not tamper
it? What is the proper way to add a _count field to relationships that
already exist in production i.e. is there a Rails way of doing it?

John K.
[email protected]


The point of the _count field is to count the number of child objects
a specific parent has, so if you were adding a count column now, I’m
assuming you’d have to update that column with the correct numbers?

It’s just a normal field triggered by am after_filter in rails or
something no?

I’ve never used it, this is just my understanding of it.

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