Added ` with rails 1.2.1?

I’ve got a weird error where after visiting one of my views I start
getting a bunch of 404 messages that say:

[2007-01-30 03:49:17] ERROR `/record/print_pdf/265’ not found.

The kicker of course is the initial ‘`’ which seems to be coming from…
somewhere? I’ve searched my entire project and the only reference to
that character besides the development.log is in chinese.rb, but that
seems unrelated.

My entire app is working fine under 1.1.6. Has anyone run into anything

FWIW I reproduced this on both Mac OSX and Linux running webrick.

Thanks in advance…

Try posting your question on I got my answer there quite

On Jan 30, 9:58 am, “Vince W.” [email protected]