Added some mug shots to

I added a few photos to (using the links from the github profile). There seems to be a bug
to add an image. So here is the process if others want to add their own.

  •     Goto
  •     Edit Page
  •     Click on the "Insert image" button in the toolbar at the top. 

This will pop up a dialog box.

  •     If you add a URL on the textbox at the top, the "Insert Image" 

button is still not enabled. Looks like a bug. So…

  •     Click on the "Browse" tab
  •     Click on the blue "Up a level" button on the left side twice. 

You should see “Documentation” as one of the entries in the list of
folders. Click it once

  •     Then click "CLR Interop" and then "Specification".
  •     Select ExceptionHierarchy.png. This will populate the textbox 

at the top with “/@api/deki/files/6/=ExceptionHierarchy.png”, and enable
the “Insert Image” button at the bottom. Finally!

  •     At this point, you can switch back to the "Search" tab, and a 

link to a photo (hosted somewhere else) in place of

  •     Select the middle alignment option (flowing text to the right 

of the image).

  •     The "Size" option is not enabled. Again, looks like a bug.
  •     Click "Insert Image"
  •     Manually resize the huge image size that is inserted to a 

smaller size.

  •     Save Page