Add multiple objects at once


I am new to Ruby and rails in general. As of now, I just have a create
method in my controller which creates only one user. I want to add
multiple users at once in a views. For example, I should be able to have
5 user rows in one page and the admin can create any number of users
(from 1 to 5). While creating a user, the admin should be able to add in
the attributes pertaining to that user (i.e hiring date, supervisor
etc). Can anyone give me any pointers on how to implement this in RoR?


Babbu 452002 wrote:

An example of the output should be like:

Employee Hiringdate Supervisor

1 xyz pqpq xyzwq
2 xyzw prpr oror
3 . . .
4 . . .
5 . . .

There should be 5 rows (each corresponding to one employee) in the page
and the admin should be able to fill up 5 different rows at once and hit